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Sisterhood Cutout Ring


ACJ’s signature Sisterhood Charm is more than a symbol. It is a celebration of togetherness, mutual love, trust and respect. The Sisterhood Charm is the perfect gift to express your joy, friendship and devotion to those who matter to you most.

14KT Gold Plated Brass Band Ring | Sisterhood Ring | Bridesmaids Gifts

A woman’s courage and love should grow stronger as she meets and matches the challenges the world litters life with … this is my philosophy ––my mantra –– that inspired me to create The Totem of Sisterhood.

It’s a symbol designed to encourage women to be champions of faith, family, and culture for their daughters, sisters, mothers, and communities. I wear The Totem of the Sisterhood to honor all the women who guided me along the way, and to honor my daughter, to honor the sisterhood – something now more important than ever.

Join me in wearing this piece of my heart to show the world what you stand for – and what you won’t stand for -- in doing so we all stand together.