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    Ambyr Childers + Her Jewelry Collection

Ambyr Childers embarks on a new journey to create a singular and fresh collection of jewelry. Incorporating stones with strong connections to her Native American heritage, Ambyr Childers Jewelry makes a statement about how you choose and wear jewelry. “When I was little on visits with my great-grandma, I’d always go straight for her jewelry box. We’d sit together for hours as she told me the stories behind each piece — about the cold winters in Arizona when her father would take care of the Yavapai Indian tribe, providing them with homes and supplying them with food. In return, the Indians would make him and his wife jewelry and woven baskets,” says Childers. “Drawing dual inspiration from my Native American roots of the Oklahoman Choctaw tribe and my Los Angeles lifestyle, my goal is to create a jewelry line that will stand apart through timeless design.” Designed to celebrate the beauty and power of the talisman, each piece of jewelry in the collection is crafted to highlight unique themes drawn from the Choctaw culture. The design elements are woven throughout the collection, creating diverse, meaningful pieces that are easily worn day to night. And like a personal talisman, this jewelry is something you can wear all the time. The debut collection includes 14-karat gold with precious and semi-precious stones of micro diamonds, pink opal, obsidian and lapis, arranged in recognizable symbols like arrowheads, bow and arrows, feathers and sun rays. Each piece tells a unique story with special meaning, from unity and balance, to strength, wisdom and opportunity.